Ways to Perform a Firmware Update or Upgrade on an HPE ProLiant Server

As the title says, here are a few of the methods to perform a firmware update or upgrade on HP/E’s ProLiant line of servers.

  1. IP (Intelligent Processing feature built in for HP Servers starting from Gen 8) which requires Internet to download firmware. Press F10 during POST screen for IP; or
  2. HP(E) SPP (Service Pack for ProLiant) DVD*; or
    SPP releases a new version every six months – April (04) and October (10).
    Note: You’ll require an HPE Passport account for the downloads.
  3. HP PSP (ProLiant Support Pack) DVD*; or
  4. HP Smart Update Firmware DVD*
    *All these DVDs (ISO) are available online with HP/E; download ISO file and burn it to a DVD. You can use HPE USB Key Utility for Windows if you don’t want to use a DVD instead a USB or Flash Drive.

To clear a difference between an update and an upgrade, refer:
In simpler terms, update is a minor change in the same product and upgrade is a major change which requires a new release and a new version of the same product.
Example: Windows Server 2008 R1 SP2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
Here, SP (Service Pack) is an update and R (Release) is an upgrade.
Same goes for all other products.
Btw, a Service Pack is a bundle of updates.

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